Green Jobs are the Future

SunCommon is donating $5 of every item purchased to local organizations focused on green jobs training. Why? Because we believe that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and a brighter future–and renewable energy is where it starts. 

Replacing dirty, outdated energy infrastructure with clean renewables is no small task and it will require an incredibly large workforce. Thousands have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic, and our environment is straining from the effects of climate change. We have an opportunity to remedy two issues with one solution: green jobs. We can literally, and figuratively, re-energize our communities. 

SunCommon is partnering with Citizens for Local Power and Adult Continuing Education at Burlington Technical College

Citizens for Local Power (CLP)

CLP helps communities in the Mid-Hudson Region of New York transition to a locally-based, clean energy economy. Combining research, education, advocacy, and project coordination, CLP is supporting the clean energy transformation to strengthen local economies, mitigate climate change impacts and increase resilience. CLP’s clean energy apprenticeship program is 4 weeks long and provides exposure to work in renewables, energy efficiency, and green building. 

Adult Continuing Education (ACE)

ACE operates within VT Technical College and provides educational opportunities to any interested community members. This program offers everything from plumbing to baking, and is now offering a Solar Apprenticeship program. This apprenticeship program will offer coursework for 7 months, followed by a summer internship offered by local solar contractors, including SunCommon.